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There are 2 legends surrounding tomatoes’ arrival in Europe and Italy.

The first, and most probable, is that they crossed the Atlantic when one of the conquistadors (Pizarro? The other says that 2 Italian priests brought tomatoes with them when they returned from Mexico.

Benventi a ' La Piazza al forno: si mangia bene" La Piazza Al Forno, or loosely translated, "Piazza's Oven" is a brick oven pizzeria and italian kitchen located in charming Historic Glendale, AZ.

La Piazza Al Forno was born from a family tradition, passion, and desire to be a dining destination for friends and family to gather for great food.

312 Chicago offers delicious Old and New World favorites inspired from Italy from Executive Chef Luca Corazzina.

It was my last night and supper in Rome after what had been, by any measurement, a very filling vacation.

We wanted to serve Pizza's just like the old country,using methods and recipes dating back many years.

The same as you would find in any city in Italy, especially Naples, the birthplace of Pizza, and also our family before us.

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