Includes tracks by Bell Notes, Beach-Nuts, Mirettes, Bob Lind and many others. DISCOVERED - Volume 4 Look at what has been discovered.....volume 4 of a series.

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And now thanks to our friends at Earth Cam, you can immerse yourself in the wonder of Atlantis, The Palm whenever your heart desires.

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic sights in Dubai, Atlantis has captivated guests the world over with its awe-inspiring beauty.

Or for a view that you will truly never forget, watch day turn into night from one of our luxurious rooms in the majestic Royal Towers. Whether you're planning your dream Dubai holiday, or just yearning to witness the splendour again, our two webcams will give you a breathtaking view of Atlantis that will both charm and delight.

Take a look for yourself, and Check Into Another World.

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GINNY ARNELL - Meet Ginny Arnell Who could forget Ginny Arnell...especially with a smash-hit called Dumb Head.

Includes 'Honey Babe' by Art Mooney, 'Like I Do' by Nancy Sinatra and so many many more. DISCOVERED - Volume 6 Look at what has been discovered.....volume 6 of a series.

Includes 'Hideaway' by the Four Esquires, 'Chapel Bells' by the Magics and so many many more. DISCOVERED - Volume 7 25 various artist tracks in this fine series of Doowop / Teen and R&R.

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