The stake president and bishop may assign their executive secretaries to coordinate Church magazine subscription efforts (see 13.3.4 and 13.4.4).

Bishoprics may also call a ward magazine representative and appoint others to assist.

Spanish-speaking members should use the Latter-day Saint edition of the Reina-Valera Bible.

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Questions regarding the exchange of information and contact between adopted children and their biological parents should be handled with sensitivity.

The legal rights and emotional needs of all relevant parties should be considered.

Where necessary, stake presidents arrange to make ward and stake computers available for members to use family history programs.

Ward and stake computers are not authorized for other personal uses.

Doing so detracts from their sacred callings and the spirit of meetings.

It also could prevent them from greeting other members.

Audiovisual materials that meet these criteria may be used in the chapel during meetings other than sacrament meeting or the general session of stake conference if they are an important part of the meeting.

Church members should not seek the autographs of General Authorities or Area Seventies, including signing in their scriptures, hymnals, or programs.

Members who are seeking to adopt children or provide foster care should strictly observe all legal requirements of the countries (and their governmental subdivisions) that are involved.

They are encouraged to work through licensed, authorized agencies.

(These concerns do not pertain to publications by the Church for children.)” ( The First Presidency has consistently encouraged members of the Church to read the Church magazines.