We have identified that he can't spend more time with me, so what do you do knowing that ?After two years, and all the history, it's hard to just pretend like you're just dating the person, and you will only, if you're lucky, see them once a week.

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Also, I know after school, the studying for the bar will start, and after that the crazy 70 hour weeks will start.

I need to know what to expect as this person's significant other.

So, it appears that there are some people who have ignored my advice and are about to show up to law school anyway. You’re in it now and if you have chosen poorly it’ll be years before you fully realize the gravity of your decision. ” Just keep asking nonsensical questions until the professor leaves you alone. Now, a good law school exam will test how you think, not what you know, and there’s nothing I can do to help you think better. Find yourself a nice, tenured professor who doesn’t have an army sitting outside his or her office every weekday. Then sit back and watch the recommendation letters roll in. It’s Newtonian physics: put in the energy to establish a successful orbit, and once you get there you can let gravity do the rest.

Still more people never heard my advice from their pre-law advisor/philosophy major. But, to the extent that you need “facts” to support whatever lunatic ravings you want to spit onto an exam, understand that memorizing said facts is entirely unnecessary. You DON’T have to waste time studying how to answer those issues, that’s what your notes are for. You can learn a lot in eight hours, as long as you’ve organized your material so that you know where to look. Do Not Confuse Legal Writing With Normal Forms Of Human Communication. And in the process, you’ve negged the hot chick/star professor.

Obviously not, because if you had, you would know that the main thing those attorney types like to do is talk. And usually they are going on and on about some boring separation of powers argument and no one cares.

But, when they get to talk about sex, everyone is (probably for the first time ever in their life) staring at them with rapt attention. ” Yeah, they aren’t just listening, the are asking questions!

Has anyone ever been in a serious relationship with someone going through law school?

You started out together, without the expectation that he or she would go to law school.

“Well, yes, I suppose you the right to separate schools? Law School Is A Test Of Organization, Not Memorization. For those playing along at home, that means everything you need to know is available to you during the exam. Instead, you should be hitting on the slightly uglier friend. Giving attention to people who are living in somebody else’s shadow always works. If you put in the effort 1L year, you’ll have a job lined up by Columbus Day of your 2L year. Yet, despite some isolated efforts to hire and retain more female attorneys and promote more women into partnership, little tangible progress has been made to improve the position of women in the profession…