When someone doesn’t listen it can feel like they don’t care.

But there’s still a major lack of communication in relationships.

In fact, it’s one of the primary reasons couples break up.

It’s not because they can’t work together, but because one or both people don’t know how to talk to their partner in a way that’ll make them understand.

And when you can’t talk about your problems, you can’t fix them.

If that’s you or you have a partner like that, you’ll want to know how to fix it. The best thing you can really do is start your relationship with great communication.

Right from the very beginning, make sure you’re working toward discussing your issues.Take responsibility for your own happiness and be clear with your partner about how they contribute to it, or not, as the case may be. Speaking different languages In the famous book ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,’ John Gray highlighted the fact that women and men communicate in very different ways.The biggest difference is that men communicate to impart information while women talk to share feelings.While it’s good to be flexible and open-minded, repressing your true feelings for fear of your partner’s response often results in a big blow up out of proportion to the final trigger which causes it. Even if it makes you feel vulnerable it’s important to be as honest as possible with your partner about your feelings.Don’t expect them to be able to read your mind, most people can’t – if you say you’re happy about something then they’ll assume that you’re telling the truth.It’s much easier to prevent having an issue with communication than it can be to fix it.