If we’re living under the reign of God, we’ll leave the job of judging others to God and not profane that which is holy.To live under the reign of God means doing for others, as we would have them do for us.According to James, if we simply hear the Word of God, but don’t act upon it, then we’re like the person who looks in a mirror and then goes off and forgets what they look like.

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He took his disciples up on the mountain so he could teach them about God’s realm in peace and quiet.

As you remember, he began with the Beatitudes: Blessed are the poor in Spirit, blessed are those who mourn, blessed are those who are meek or are merciful, and so on.

So, wisdom is a necessary quality in a builder, and a wise builder will not only know how to build a house, but the builder also will know where to build it, taking into consideration such things as climate, soil, bedrock, and plate tectonics.

Then, when the rain comes, that house won’t fall into the ocean. The first element is the quality of the builder, but the second element has to do with the foundation, and as we think about the foundation upon which we build our own spiritual lives, I’d like to switch the metaphor from floods to earthquakes.

You see that builder very wisely built the hotel on solid bedrock.

This was a very “firm foundation.” The wise builder builds on a firm foundation, and with this word in mind, we hear Jesus say that “everyone then who hears these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock” and not on sand – like the foolish builder.

That quake, which hit just a few days after we returned home from a visit with my Mother, was pretty good-sized, especially when you consider that quakes don’t hit Klamath Falls very often, and so they weren’t all that prepared for it.

Quite a number of buildings were damaged, including the venerable Court House, which had sat for many years on reclaimed lake bed.

I don’t know how well this unreinforced brick building from the late 19th century was built, but it didn’t suffer any damage at all.