It’s Day 18 and we’re at Camp Malolo, where no one is a winner.

Michael, who is the last original Malolo player, surrounded by three former Naviti players, knows his only hope is to find a hidden immunity idol, a fact that doesn’t go unnoticed by his tribe.

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as it will be the 500th episode of the series, something that even surprises host Jeff Probst.

“When we started this adventure, I don’t think anybody would have predicted we’d still be going strong 17 years later! “I’m as enthusiastic as ever and love the relationship we have with our audience.

If you missed any of the action, you can catch up with our Episode 11 Recap, as well as checking out the Podcast below. The first one to go this week was Jenna Bowman, who started the game on the Malolo tribe and whose game fully epitomizes this season’s “curse” theme.

Constantly back-pedaling, Jenna was given scant screen-time throughout much of the season, and never really had a chance to get a foothold in the game due to constantly being in the minority alliance.

Votes are cast, no hidden idols are played and the first vote goes to Libby, but all the rest go to Bradley.

He is stunned, and sarcastically, it appears, wishes them luck with the rest of the game.

He doesn’t want to be a dick, he says, because he’s not one, even though he plays ones on TV.

Dom says his vote tonight is based on trust, personality and people’s relationships on the other tribes.

Donathan thinks so, which isn’t good for him as he’s in the minority.