As for Emilie de Ravin, she had her representative announcing earlier this month that she and actor husband Josh Janowicz are divorcing. Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin's "Remember Me" will arrive in U.

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The duo, who were atop the Margarita Delacorte Memorial, are currently filming in the city.

Co-stars Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin have yet to prove their chemistry on-screen.

Ace Showbiz - Playing lovers in the upcoming drama romance movie "Remember Me," Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin are reported embarking on a love relationship off screen.

They, according to unnamed source, have been spotted getting cozy at the super exclusive Soho House in Manhattan, after a week of filming in Queens, NY.

“They spent a lot of time telling jokes, laughing and whispering in each other’s ears,” an eyewitness tells OK! “At one point Emilie took Robert’s Ray-Bans and was playfully wearing them before putting them back in his shirt pocket — it was very flirty.

Rob was so sweet and attentive; if I didn’t know anything about him, I would think Emilie was his girlfriend! I actually don’t care for Emilie – she was on for the first two seasons, and while I felt for character, Emilie isn’t really the best actress."More than once, they left the others and retired to a private 'smoking room'," the source tells Radar Online."There's real chemistry between the two - in front of the camera and off." Rumored dating his co-stars isn't something new for Robert Pattinson.On June 19, they hit the posh Soho House, where they shared plenty of face time in a private smoking room.Just three days earlier, the duo were spotted at Gemma, a restaurant at The Bowery Hotel, one of their favorite haunts.A source close to the couple says, “She knows screen kisses are part of Rob’s job, but it doesn’t make things easier, seeing sexy photos of him and Emilie in full lip-lock.” A friend of Rob’s puts it more explicitly: “Kristen saw a photo of them kissing and flipped out.” And according to some who were on the beach for the scene that day tell OK!