One potential drawback of using the above methods for a Teleworker-to-central site VPN is that they need compatiable protocol stacks at each end ( IPSec client or hardware) and most importantly those protocols need to be freely passed by your local host network.Tunnels making use of PPTP, L2TP, AES and IPSec protocols have been available on Vigor routers for many years and provide a simple to set up solution for your site-to-site or teleworker VPNs.

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No TCP/UDP ports have to be opened on your host router; if the user cannot login to the VPN, they won't get access.

As mentioned previously, an SSL VPN uses your standard web browser; this means that for your web based applications running at your office (webmail, Intranet, Thin Clients etc.) SSL VPNs work really well for this access method, which is called 'SSL Web Proxy' mode.

The two dedicated Gigabit WAN ports can provide load balancing or WAN failover.

Based on a new Dray Tek OS platform, the Vigor 2960 provides high performance with Dray Tek's traditional ease of use and comprehensive features set.

SSL encryption is strong too, using 128bit DES/3DES or AES.

Using Mo TP, your teleworker passwords are strong and realtime; a password is generated in real-time by your mobile phone (iphone, Android etc.) which can be used once only, and only at the time its generated. In addition to Web-proxy mode, full SSL VPN tunnelling is supported for Windows OS, mac OS, i OS / i Phone / i Pad and Android, with the Smart VPN Client freely available on the UK downloads page.SSL is supported by all web browsers, and as it is so commonly used, all hotspots and other public Internet will always allow SSL to pass properly.By using the SSL protocol for your telework VPN tunnel you therefore have some important benefits: Another advantage of web based SSL VPN is that your host Vigor router presents the user with his/her login page to the network within their browser and then can provide access only to the web based applications or local servers which you allow as opposed to a regular VPN which connects the user to the network directly for access to any resource which is accessible locally.VPN security includes certificate, MOTP or token/PSK based access and key-hash authentication to ensure maximum security.For ease of remote access, the Vigor 2960 can provide up to 50 simultaneous SSL VPN tunnels or web-proxy links.This is most commonly a problem when using Wi Fi hotspots or other public Internet access methods (hotels, conference centres etc.).