The Bench Book is an important milestone in the work of the National Judicial Education Committee and I am confident that it will lead to greater uniformity and consistency in the approach of Magistrates’ Courts throughout Solomon Islands.

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The number of ministers in Cabinet is currently fixed in law at 11.

Ministers are appointed from among members of Parliament.

The Secretary to Cabinet is responsible for arranging the business for the meetings of Cabinet and conveying the decisions of Cabinet to the appropriate person or authority.

He or she shall also have other functions as the Prime Minister directs.

Area Council functions are: Jurisdiction is the power and authority to hear or determine a particular matter.

Courts may only act within their jurisdiction, as defined by law.

The Minister must give assent unless he or she believes that the proposed provincial law is beyond the Provincial Assembly’s powers, or conflicts with government policy for the whole country.

A number of functions of the national government can be transferred to provincial governments, as provided by the provides for the establishment of Area Councils.

1.2 The Branches of Government in Solomon Islands The Head of State for Solomon Islands is the English Monarchy, represented by the Governor General.

The Governor General must be a person eligible to be a member of the Solomon Islands Parliament, and is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the Solomon Islands Parliament.

3 A Separate Court 3.1 The Media 4 Pre-Trial Matters 4.1 Recognisance 4.2 Committing for Trial 5 Procedure in Juvenile Courts 5.1 Accepting a Plea 5.2 Defended Hearing 6 Sentencing of Juvenile Offenders 6.1 Pre-sentencing Matters 6.2 Sentencing Options 6.3 Diversion 6.4 Restorative Justice 6.5 Payment of Fines by Parents or Guardians 6.6 Special Considerations Regarding Detention of Juveniles 6.7 Grave Crimes 6.8 Selecting a Place of Detention Unlawful Assembly – The constitution is based on and outlines the doctrine of the Separation of Powers. This checking maintains the balance of power between the three branches and does not allow the executive to assume too much power.