In the 17th and 18th centuries French Calvinist Protestants were persecuted and alienated by a Catholic monarchy, causing as many as 500,000 of them to flee the country.

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His most remembered books are “Uncle Silas” and “Through a Glass Darkly”, which still attract some readers to-day though in general time has not been kind to his reputation.

Around the same time the French also invaded the Palatinate area of Germany, and drove its Lutheran population out.

Others were involved in wine and brandy imports, presumably using their contacts in France to set up trading links.

Milling was also associated with the Hugenot communities.

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It is estimated that to-day only around 500 or so people living in Ireland can claim a Palatine origin, but some names which survive from this time include Fizelle, Fyffe (of banana fame), Ruttle, Glazier, Shouldice and Switzer.