As a woman and a lover, one of the things you take upon yourself is to change your man for the better. But in your pursuit to help him become a better man, are you emasculating him and pushing him deeper into his shell? And especially when you’re in a relationship, isn’t it each partner’s selfless love that helps their partner become the best they can be?And the worst part is that he can’t even argue his case himself because he’s failed in your eyes and he knows it. You really can’t blame yourself if you don’t enjoy having sex with him.

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Hearing this line from a woman he loves feels like a painful low blow on his crotch.

The first sign of emasculation in a relationship How can you tell if your guy is subconsciously starting to feel small or emasculated?

Well, you can see the signs just by watching the way he communicates with you.

A guy subconsciously feels like the hunter and the provider in the relationship.

Scoffing at the one thing he believes is his role, which is earning money for the family, would definitely make him feel like he’s less of a man. Don’t call your man a coward just because he couldn’t confront someone or couldn’t deal with a situation.

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