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Form Registration and Login is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver that facilitates creation of user registration forms, thereby allowing access to determined pages of your website only to users who are authorized.

Some products may be listed in more than one category if they perform multiple functions.

This powerful Dreamweaver extension completely automates the process of creating and managing your site's navigational menus, taking care of compatibility, accessibility, SEO and other important aspects without you having to look under the hood.

For this reason, I opted to provide parameters for left and right inner HTML - the link text is in the middle.

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public static string Action Link Span( this Html Helper helper, string link Text, string action Name, string controller Name, object html Attributes ) private static string Build Nested Anchor( string inner Html, string url, object html Attributes ) public static Mvc Html String Nested Action Link(this Html Helper html Helper, string link Text, string action Name, string controller Name, object route Values = null, object html Attributes = null, Route Value Dictionary child Elements = null) I ended up with a custom extension method.

Its worth noting, when trying to place HTML inside of an Anchor object, the link text can be either to the left, or to the right of the inner HTML.

Newsletter for Dreamweaver is a PHP extension that enables you to build a subscriber list for email marketing from your website.