You don’t have to watch more than one movie to find out why people like those from India in their porn movies.

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There are several pornstars with Native heritage, but they would not like to be called Indians.

Claire Dames is a girl with Native American heritage, and even squirt queen Cytherea has a bit of Native in her too.

It’s very common for people in the US to have a tiny sliver of Native American as part of their DNA makeup.

So, when you are looking for Indian porn - just remember - it is people from India!

There have been some Indian pornstars who have truly hit it big, namely Sunny Leone.

She got so famous that she actually quit the porn biz to become a Bollywood star and she actually has some success in that realm.

Have you ever seen an Indian girl with a camel toe in her crotch?

It’s one of the hottest things you will ever witness.

Some people think their culture in general is very conservative but just like anywhere there are kinksters and horny people who make tons of porno. They have lovely brown skin, lush dark hair and beautiful brown eyes.