Hayley continued her training and graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Upright Citizens Brigade honing her skills as both a dramatic actress and comedienne.

She also speaks frequently about the films of John Cassavetes and her admiration for both him and Gena Rowlands.

She is a classically trained dancer and a long time vegan and animal rights activist. All rights reserved.(l to r) Hayley Marie Norman, Sarah Roemer, Eric Christian Olsen, Margo Harshman, Nicholas D' Agosto and Danneel Harris star in Screen Gems' comedy FIRED UP.

In addition to her role in Top Five, this multitalented actress also co-produces and stars in the semi-scripted hit online series Hello Cupid.

Drawing largely on her improv and comedy skills, the series follows longtime friends Robyn (Hayley Marie Norman) and Whitney as they experience the ups and downs of online dating.

Hayley and her nine-year younger model/musician beau dragged everyone's attention during the Laurence Oliver Awards in April 2014.

The duo also appeared in the Hunger magazine cover party in February 2014, that was when they appeared as a couple in public.We'll discuss that ahead, but let's talk about Atwell's shocking revelation on being genderless. Hayley has a long list of unsuccessful relationships.The bombshell also admitted via a 2015 Twitter post that she's a tomboy. Her statements and unstable love affairs led her fans to speculate on her sexuality. Her relationship with Evan Jones was the talk of the town in 2014.She was such a fan favorite and featured so heavily that the Producers wrote an entire episode around her signature hair. Other episodes include Hayley making a special appearance as the infamous Banker.There was another episode where the contestant requested that Hayley be the only model on stage and had her open all 26 cases.In fact, they featured her so heavily on the show that one episode revolved around her signature hair. Other episodes include once in which Hayley makes a special appearance as the infamous Banker, and another where the contestant requests that Hayley be the only model on stage and has her open all twenty-six cases.