HAPPY EVER AFTER Despite their early mutual attraction, Harry admits that he did question commitment at such a young age.“I think it’s because we were so intense,” he says.

“When we got there, I thought he was acting strangely,” recalls Izzy.

“We were getting ready and I was like, ‘Come on, let’s get dinner, I’m hungry.’ He said, ‘No, not yet,’ and started dancing around the room with me.” Then there was a knock at the door and they were guided along a candlelit pathway to a table set up on the beach.

“We thought, ‘We can do this another time.’” Instead, the couple drove to Dougie’s home. “He was very vulnerable at that time.” Harry subsequently acted as matchmaker between Dougie and a family friend, artist Lara Carew- Jones. Izzy says she hasn’t read it all, but, as Harry says: “There’s nothing in there Izzy doesn’t already know.” He adds: “We are getting married, so nothing else matters.” What’s it like knowing that her fiancé has adoring fans?

“They have always been really lovely to me,” says Izzy.

“She was umming and ahhing about whether she wanted to be with me or not.” “When I first met him, he didn’t know how to pay a cheque in,” adds Izzy, laughing.

“He was like, ‘I’ve got to get to so and so, how do I do that? “Also, I thought that because he was in a band, he’d be like the stereotype,” adds Izzy.

They stayed in the dormitories and played cricket and football.

Adding to the theme, Harry was made to wear his old school uniform, including shorts and knee-high socks. Our Story, Harry reveals how he and Izzy spent Valentine’s Day in 2011 with Dougie the night before he went into the Priory.

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