When she was pregnant, she came back to Lebanon and got separated from Nasr.

There are many scandals associated with this Lebanese beauty and some quite shocking statements.

She speaks what’s on her mind and doesn’t care if she is politically or otherwise correct. It seems that her image is even too sexy for some people in Lebanon because in 2008 the parliament of Bahrain passed a motion to the government to ban Haifa’s show in the country.

Even after her daughter grew up and got married, she refused to have contact with Haifa.

According to their culture, when the wife leaves a man, the man would get the complete custody of the children, without any trial.

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Urasek, who is currently single, blogged for women's blog XOJane about her online dating fame nd the toll it has taken on her love life.

New York magazine has also profiled her for an article titled, ' Meet the 4 most desired people in New York (According to OKCUpid).' Urasek rejoined OKCupid in January after getting out of a seven-month relationship with a man she had met on the popular site.

Lebanese singer and actress Haifa Wehbe along with Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Deepika Padukone are among the World's 30 Most Beautiful Women of 2014 in a poll conducted by the website Hollywoodbuzz.