If I'm not the person who's able to give you a child, the one thing you so desire in this world, I'm willing to end this relationship and let you go find it elsewhere.Those conversations happened.' Rossi said that during her darkest moments she thought about breaking up with her partner of nine years.

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"I was horrified." After bowing out of the show, Lauri focused on her family.

But after a four-year absence, and with her marriage to George going strong ("It really is true, third time is a charm! 3), Lauri briefly returned to in Season 8 last year "to stir up trouble," according to frenemy Vicki Gunvalson, who was not pleased when Lauri accused her of being a cheater and having a threesome during her dramatic comeback last year.

'There were definitely days where I questioned, should I be with somebody who I can't have a biological child with?

'But through that pain it forced me to address those things, take a deep look at our relationship and realize that no matter what the outcome is, he is the one that I want to be with.' Smiley added that he even offered to let her find someone who could give her a child.'I love and care for Gretchen so much that there were times when I said well maybe we need to end this,' he said.'I love you enough to let you go.

"I am praying that we can have at least two babies — if I had the ideal situation, of course a boy and a girl would be wonderful, but as the saying goes, 'Tell God your plans and watch him laugh.' So, I will be happy and blessed with everywhere he thinks is best for us," she said via e-mail while promoting her Gretchen Christine for Twila True Beauty collaboration.

"I used to [want] four, but now I would be happy if we could just have one." This will be Gretchen's first child, while Slade has two sons, Gavin and Grayson.

Now they have started a new round of IVF in a last ditch bid to have children 'The journey for me of not being able to get pregnant naturally was a very difficult one,' Rossi said.'It's similar to a death almost.

Ever since you're a little girl, you have this vision of making love to your partner and being able to create this beautiful thing out of love.

" Would you want to see Lauri return to RHOC again?

alum Gretchen Rossi opened up about her plans to undergo IVF, in hopes of welcoming a baby with her longtime love, Slade Smiley.

Their first attempt at IVF treatment ended in tragedy when 14 of their embryos failed before they were implanted.'Slade had a vasectomy over 15 years ago and so when we first started this journey we thought IVF is our best option,' said Rossi.