I was slowly fucking my own grandma's mouth with my hard throbbing dick.

Falling out of the towel was a dildo and vibrating silver egg. It might be a shock to find that your mom is hiding adult toys; but believe me, it will stop your heart and most of your other senses to find out that your grandmother is not only hiding them, but she's giving every indication that she uses them. Grandma looked at me standing there with my mouth open.

I picked them up and held them out to grandma who was standing close to me.

After dad's death, I made it a point to go over to my grandma's house and do things like cut the grass, clean out the garage. But for the first time in my life, I looked at her as a woman and not my grandma. She has straight black hair that comes to just above her shoulders. I could feel my dick beginning to stir as I looked at her. "Roy Jr., those things are gonna be the death of you! I had stepped out of the shower and was toweling dry, when the door opened.

Both mom and grandma were left comfortable with the money from the insurance. When she would bend over to pick up something, I couldn't help looking at her ass. We finished up and I went outside to smoke a cigarette. This is a small vice compared to what some of my friends do." The rest of the evening went along pretty well. I knew that if I started thinking about grandma using an egg and her dildo on her pussy, I would be stroking my hard dick with soapy hands.

I put them there on purpose to see how you would react to finding them!

Ever since you found my toys, my pussy has been throbbing thinking about you.

But you don't get a hardon standing in your grandma's bedroom looking at her. " Grandma smiled at me and laughing, turned and put her toys in her bedside drawer. I had planned to spend the night like I sometimes do, so I told grandma that I was gonna take a shower, then sit up and read and have a glass of wine. " Grandma didn't even stop, as she pulled her housecoat up, pushed her panties down and sat on the toilet.

By the time I thought about the fact that I was standing there naked, grandma was looking right at my hardon. You have certainly grown a lot since I was changing your diapers." I quickly wrapped the towel around my waist. She looked up at me, as her hand reached out and she caressed it.

I knew the minute that I saw your big dick that I wanted to feel it in my mouth.