If she’s a running enthusiast, you can choose from shoes (make sure you know which brand she likes), athletic equipment, technology, memberships, and magazines.

Women who like to workout at home can always use home equipment like kettle bells, weights, yoga mats, and the like.

If your names have no matching letters, connect them with a word like LOVE.

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For example, if she likes to cook, buy her a food processor (or something she doesn’t already have) or take a cooking class with her.

Your girlfriend will also appreciate something like a dance class for the two of you or a day spent rock climbing.

Teenage & young girls are picky and what might be the perfect gift to one girl is a really lame present to another girl. Think about her favorite authors and purchase some books. Or even better – cook dinner for her (make sure its something she likes). Are you having trouble paying the bills – but want your girlfriend to know that although your wallet might be empty, your heart is not?

Jewelry is great for this age because she can wear it around school and show it off; it’s also something she has with her all the time that makes her think about you. Think about something cute but useable like a portable phone charger with flower print. Buy concert tickets, a framed movie poster, or high-end headphones. Something really thoughtful will show your girlfriend just how much you care about her.

Use one of the ideas below or combine them to impress your girlfriend this Christmas. Check out our review of the best embroidery machines here.

Buy a bottle of champagne and fill the room with candles. Invite her to lie down and give her a full body massage complete with massage oil. Basically, spend some quality time with her and make her feel pampered. Purchase tickets to an event or show that you both want to see.

There’s nothing worse than giving an unsatisfying gift and seeing the disappointment on the recipient’s face.

Not to worry – this guide will help you choose the perfect Christmas present for your significant other.

There are lots of gifts out there that she will love, but quality is important.

You can buy makeup, but it can’t be a brand from Wal-Mart.

This will show her that you are making an effort to be more involved in the things she is passionate about.