For the other search terms I used: The search was done using a central Toronto postal code and was done over four different evenings at slightly different times, all of which seemed to exhibit a pretty similar pattern.

— I have just deleted my profile from this ridiculous site. because its free it attracts people that have nothing better to do, hence the perpetual female timewasting. because its free it is overpopulated by insincere types. reality is being mimicked online, where we live in societies where females are over-estimating their worth, probably due to the ‘reality’ tv shows they watch and having their sycophantic ‘friends’ constantly telling them they are gorgeous. desperate men who are prepared to over-estimate their social standing and/or wealth are undermining womens trust in the experience, and of other men on the site. As Bill explains above, the ratios, though interesting research, mean little when you take into account unrealistic and deluded female expectations.

(some, for example a 39 year old woman, stated they would only accept messages from men from 25-35?

Conversion rate is also an important part of subscription based models.

On sites that require you to pay a subscription to talk to people, men tend to convert more readily than women when young, but online dating guy to girl ratio evens out and sometimes skews the other way as online dating guy to girl ratio get older.

The thought behind this is pretty much intrinsic, younger women stay away from dating sites for the most part, due to preexisting stigma and their ability to get approached, whereas older women lose that luxury.

I only have a land line - I ain't using one of them brain fryers at all at all. And I've done that research and can tell you that the ratio is 1: Dating Site Gender Distribution Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. The ratios were pretty much identical for both my real account and the empty female account, and the ratio of male: I have created fake profile of the chick in the photo, In less then 8 hours I received just over messages and many of guys are actually good looking, messages just keep coming in, I indicated that Im actively seeking a relationship. Seems like guys are more likely to use these sites, in any event.Any choice of groupings is at least somewhat arbitrary and could probably be criticized, but short of doing a separate count for each and every age this seemed like a good choice.The ratios ranged from a high of 3.43:1 (age 30-34) to a low of 0.86:1 (age 45-49), though varied from evening to evening for those age groups.Since I can’t actually count every male and female site member and then calculate the male:female ratios and I don’t have access to the Plenty of Fish database, I decided to use a count of the members who are Online Now to estimate the male:female ratio.