A characteristic of the design of the G1 is a slightly curved section below the screen. Does it stop the screen scratching when you put the phone face down on a table?

Well, yes on both counts, but we aren’t sure these factors alone are justification.

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Fiddly keyboard To get to the keyboard you turn the G1 on its side and push the keyboard so that it swings out and upwards.

The keyboard is a full QWERTY with a separate number row.

This brings up a different menu depending on what application you are using at the time.

No headset jack One very big disappointment is the absence of a 3.5mm headset jack.

That trackball seems a bit like overkill considering there is a touchscreen, but we did actually find it useful at times and it is nice to have the option.

The buttons cater for Call, End and on/off, Home and back. An additional button, labelled Menu, is more interesting.

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That will matter to those who want to synchronise work emails on their smartphones as the chances are it won’t be possible. The open source nature of Android means that there is plenty of scope for software developers.