Child, youth, senior Eurostar fares Anyone from any country can book a London-Budapest journey in either direction using a combination of the Belgian Railways website the German Railways website de.

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Towels & toiletries are provided, including shampoo and shower gel in the deluxe sleepers.

In the more economical couchettes, you can book a couchette in a cheaper 6-berth compartment or a less-crowded 4-berth compartment, each provided with sheet, blanket, pillow & small bottle of water, and couchette passengers get a tea or coffee in the morning.

Obviously, remember that your date of travel from Cologne back to Brussels will be the day after your departure from Vienna to Cologne!

From London to Brussels by Eurostar: See the Eurostar page for photos & information on Eurostar, check-in arrangements.

The train soon leaves the Paris suburbs behind and speeds across a vast wide open plateau of woods & farmland at up to 200mph, past picturesque French villages of the Champagne region.

An hour or two later, the train leaves the high-speed line and slowly meanders through pretty wooded hills, the countryside eventually flattening out towards Strasbourg.The sleeping-car has 1, 2 & 3 bed compartments with washbasin, plus three deluxe compartments with 1, 2 or 3 beds plus private shower & toilet.The sleeper berths come fully made up with sheets and duvets, all sleeper passengers get mineral water in the evening and a light breakfast served in their compartment next morning.Each train is ticketed separately, so add up the price for each leg of the journey.On the sleeper train, berths are sold individually, so one ticket means one bed, the other beds in your compartment will be sold to other passengers.The TGV has power sockets for laptops & mobiles at all seats in both classes, and a cafe-bar serves drinks, snacks & microwaved hot dishes.