So it is our utmost priority to make sure we have a respectful space for everyone. However, we want to make this industry a more positive space for all who come to Many Vids.We want our MV Stars to become successful on their own terms, having control over what they do.Here is the breakdown of our growing community of active MV Stars: 13,460 MV Girls; 1,517 Producers; 654 MV Trans; and 1,136 MV Boys. We have 6.5 million unique visitors every month, with 1.7 million page views each day.

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Many Vids has been growing very fast and now has 1.7M active registered members.

At MV we are always very happy to welcome new content creators daily.

Sincerely, MV Team Many Vids is committed to creating an accessible community for our MV Stars and members to connect with freedom and authenticity.

Vision: To transform the adult industry into a safe haven that promotes sex positivity and the fair treatment of adult entertainers.

MV is also a space that welcomes all sexual orientations and ethnicities.

We want everyone to feel that this is a secure place where they can express their creativity as fully as possible.

Sex is beautiful in itself, and we want to promote exploring and embracing all of the many different kinks and sexual tastes.

It is important for us that you can be yourself on MV. Many MV Stars come from harsh backgrounds, having chosen the adult industry not out of choice, but out of necessity.

Many Vids is a platform that allows you the ability to promote yourselves as freely as you wish by selling your vids, store items, custom vids, memberships, and more to your fans.