Unique in Wales, this cultural haven is owned and run by an independent charitable trust, is largely self financing and attracts well in excess of 100,000 annual visitors.

Come up and visit next time you are in the area.....

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Our art storage facilities have been significantly improved through the installation of a new museum grade mobile racking system coupled with air conditioning and secondary glazing for environmental control.

Visitors are now invited to view the works of the Gallery's artists in storage (which can be up to 200 pieces) as they are easily accessible and can be viewed on the new racking system.

A digital screen has also been installed in each museum room allowing visitors to browse digitised old photographs, video interviews, films and documents.

A dimmable track lighting system has been installed in the new Madryn Room, enabling us to keep the light within the required levels for the display of portraits.

Full Day ticket allows entry to all five sessions: [2], [3], [4], [5] and [6].

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