I was using a heavy petrol hedge trimmer and had taken my T-shirt off to work on my tan when my workmate told me that he had seen the client, a lady in her late thirties, watching me from the top window.

Flirt to sexy housewifes-28

There was an ad on TV recently where a good-looking handyman is in a woman's home doing some work.

She is obviously flirting with him and won't leave him alone and at the end of the ad the handyman says to the camera "you don't want me hanging around your house when you're not there do you?

I spent four years climbing up and down ladders and crawling around doing all the mucky jobs that the tradesman got me to do, and didn't really have much to do with the clients.

While grafting on building sites, every so often I would hear stories about so-called "desperate housewife" customers who supposedly would throw themselves at some tradies, getting up to all sorts of mischief.

Finally I finished the job and tried to race out of the house as fast as I could.

The husband again was really nice and grateful for the job and asked me back to do a twice-yearly routine maintenance on the system, which she was also very insistent upon.

I began to start noticing this sort of behaviour more and more, and was by now becoming worldly enough to work out when someone was flirting with me. On one occasion a customer answered her door in a bath towel (I couldn't see a reason why she hadn't got dressed) and then, while discussing the job with her, she brazenly undid the towel in front of me and rearranged it leaving nothing to the imagination.

It became quite amusing for me and my work partner to see how many drinks, cakes, biscuits or cold beers we got offered by certain ladies who didn't ever seem particularly keen for us to hurry up and get the job finished. The smile she gave me meant she knew exactly what she was doing.

I was installing a ducted air-conditioning unit into a large posh house, a job which I would probably finish in two days but gave myself an extra day cushion, just in case.