The first step is to register at your local town hall to get the document known as the , which shows you are a registered residence in that area.Check what your region's exact requirements are, but you will generally need to take originals and photocopies of your passport, proof of address (utility bills etc.) and a rental contract or deed.

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The result is disrupted classes, inadequate teaching and worse exam results as teachers are unable to deal with so many non-Spanish speaking pupils.

Bear in mind, too, that if you send your child to a public school in Barcelona, most teaching will be in Catalan, and in the Valencia province, a proportion of classes may be in Valencian.

If you do choose to enrol your child in a public school get ready for a long and arduous trip into Spanish bureaucracy.

You or your child may be required to: Private schools in Spain There are many varieties of Spanish private schools, including those which teach entirely in Spanish and are subsidised by the state if they have a certain percentage of Spanish students (around a quarter).

In contrast, an international school enables your child to ease their way into school in a foreign country yet in familiar surroundings, with smaller classes taught in their language.

But their level of Spanish may not be any better than if they had studied it as a second language back home, and they may integrate less into Spanish culture.

For example, your child could be placed in a special, low enrolment classroom where he or she is then taught Spanish for non-native speakers.

Thus state schools can considerably aid a child's leanguage learning, however, parents should note that complete immersion may not be for everyone, especially if the child is a lot older.

When looking at education in Spain, one problem many expat parents wrestle with is whether to enrol their children in a Spanish state school or one of the many options of private schools in Spain. Choosing a school in Spain School is mandatory in Spain for children between the ages of six and 16.