West knew about his wife's activities and wasn't jealous or angry, said the lawyer.'We will be looking into his wife's double life, among other things, to see how her 'other' lifestyle is connected to her death,' Robbin said.

West, who was fired from his job as an unsworn police officer at Birmingham-Southern College, is 'heartbroken' over the loss of his wife and is worried about their daughter and how the loss is affecting her, Robbins said.

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It’s from a photo story called “Love Letters”, which involves a teacher guiding young female minds in the way of a CFNM-friendly mindset quite literally as well as visually.

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Mr West, a former US military policeman and campus security guard, was arrested five weeks later.

The woman posted risque photos on social media, and she had a paid site where people could see more revealing images.

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She had her cell phone placed beside her lifeless body and an empty bottle of absinthe balanced on top of it And in conversations with friends the heavy-set, balding father-of-two insisted the death was purely an accident and he never had a problem with his wife's online activities.

One close confidante, Mike Waters, wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post seen by Daily Mail.com: 'I was able to talk to my friend Jeff last night in length.

In the upcoming days true facts will be coming out.