You play a real swine.‘I thought it was one of the funniest scripts I’d ever read.

When they made the movie in the ’50s with Angela Lansbury, they had to change the story.

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He remains an arsehole to the end and everyone congratulates him for it.’‘Remember Me’ opens on Apr 2.

(unit production manager: Mary Beth Minthorn) and singer FKA Twigs ended their engagement in 2017, leaving Pattinson single.

‘I’d read tons of scripts after the first “Twilight” movie and this was one of maybe two that I liked. Did you have any reservations about fictionalising 9/11?

‘When I first read it, I didn’t think it was contentious.

In July, he told Howard Stern that he was "kind of" engaged to FKA Twigs, and that's about as open as Pattinson gets.

Despite 2017 being a big one for Pattinson's career thanks to the film , the actor hasn't opened up about his breakup, and all of the information on how he's been doing since his separation from FKA Twigs appears to come from unnamed sources.

‘I think people are really harsh about anything that becomes successful. I was looking at this article about “Little Ashes”. ‘Little Ashes’ bombed.” Could it have been the gay theme?

Or, er, the fact that it was only released in 16 cinemas? I think it’s so ridiculous, people putting pressure on the arts. The more you try to hide things like that, the more exciting and appealing they are.

It's hardly surprising that a hint at a possible new relationship for Pattinson also comes from secondhand sources.

According to , Pattinson was spotted attending Seth Mac Farlane's holiday party in December with a "mystery blonde woman." A source claimed to the magazine, "They were together all night.

The novel is about this guy who screws everybody over and seduces all these women and completely gets away with everything.