"We've gotten our friends as far as we can possibly get them, and now it's about the money," Natalie said. and Dave chatted back at the house and agreed their original plan was still intact. and Elizabeth decided to sneak into the fantasy suite at the Bachelor Pad house to spend some time together. said he thought Elizabeth was looking for something more serious than he was but "if a girl catches a bad case of Kovacs, so be it." Though one couple would be eliminated together, each player would individually chose which couple he or she wanted to go home. Dave Good told Krisily that he wouldn't vote to eliminate her, but after a conversation with Kiptyn he changed his mind. "I came here looking for money, and maybe some love, and I went home with neither one," he said when he was eliminated from "The Bachelor Pad." Gia Allemand, a 26-year-old swimsuit model from New York, who appeared on Season 14 of "The Bachelor" with Jake Pavelka, was sad to leave one person in particular. ELIMINATED WEEK ONE: Juan Barbieri said if he could walk away from the show with 0,000 or the love of his life, he'd "take the money and run."Occupation: contractor Age: 37 Home: Los Angeles Season: 5 with Jillian Final words: "I'm shocked..."What Dave did tonight was unacceptable," Krisily said. "I didn't have any idea that I'd get so close to some of the people that I have... I guess she (Nikki) gets the last laugh," Juan said. Michelle Kujawa Occupation: Sales Age: 26Home: California Season: 14 with Jake Final words: Michelle was angry with Tenley." I don't deserve to be treated this way," Michelle said. "There just weren't enough roses for all of Michelle's personalities.

Five contestants were eliminated from ABC's "Bachelor Pad" during the show's fifth episode which aired Monday, Sept. Three women — Gwen, Nikki and Ashley — were sent home at the beginning of the episode and Jesse Beck and Peyton Wright were eliminated at the end. ELIMINATED DURING WEEK FIVE Jesse Beck: 25, a contractor in Missouri who was on Season 6 with Ali Fedotowsky. Peyton Wright: 27, cheerleader apparel saleswoman in Dallas, who was on Season 10 with Andy Baldwin. Here's a recap of episode five: Season five started with four men and seven women.

The remaining six players are ultimately competing for $250,000. "I feel like I played this game exactly the way I should have. To even the playing field, host Chris Harrison told each male competitor to pick one woman to keep on the show.

Though the guys seemed to ponder their decisions, it was not a surprise to see Kiptyn Locke pick Tenley Molzhan and Jesse Kovacs choose Elizabeth Kitt.

Those couples had been linked since before the show started.

Natalie seemed alarmed at first but quickly warmed to the idea when Tenley reminded her that Jesse K. He got drunk on one episode and was a bit crass when pointing out that Jillian was unknowingly flashing him. FEMALE CONTESTANTS REMAINING Natalie Getz: 28, bartender in Hollywood, who was on Season 13 with Jason Mesnick.

and Elizabeth knew each other the best and would likely win any question-answer contests. Kiptyn Locke: 32, a sales manager in California who was on Season 5 with Jillian Harris. Tenley Molzhan: 26, college admissions worker in California, who was best known for her "Disney-like" voice in Season 14 with Jake Pavelka. A., who was on refused to kiss Jake Pavelka on Season 14, despite taunting him in each episode. I feel like those people are fairly fake," he said. Coming into the house I was, for sure, an outsider. and then to turn around and still be outside, it's tough... I wish it was me still standing there." Gwen Gioia: age undisclosed (hey, she was on the 2003 Season Two with Aaron Buerge). Ashley Elmore: 30, teacher in Virgina, who was on season 14 with Jake Pavelka.These pairs will compete as a team for the rest of the competition. Y., was married Saturday to Jesse Duncan Jardim, a son of Virginia E. (He now has six, and three of them live with the couple.)“They’re like chick magnets, so I brought the dogs along on the first date,” he said. O’Connell had initially worried that being associated with Mr. The couple met in July 2012 as part of a group of friends who had gathered for a day of kayaking on the Potomac. O’Connell was late for the river trip but turned up later when the group met in Georgetown for drinks at one bar and for burgers elsewhere. “I could tell from the way she was talking, she’s a D. liberal type, and my friend is a hard-core libertarian.”Their first date was on the banks of the Potomac, a French-themed picnic that Mr. There was quiche, a salad and a bottle of wine, but the highlight, as Ms. Jardim’s two bedbug-sniffing dogs, Sunny Sleuth and Sherlock Bones, who are an integral part of his business.A bit more interestingly, Jesse Beck chose Peyton Wright and David Good picked Natalie Getz.