Fade in to an image of me checking my texts after waiting an hour for my boyfriend to text back an answer to my question and discovering that my text never sent in the first place. In a room that I used to be able to get a solid one bar of wi-fi signal with the rare disconnect, now sometimes I don't even get the option to connect, it instead says "temporarily avoiding poor connection". Sending Message (at bottom)) I am having the same Wi Fi issue, and yes, apps are incompatible for me as well.

Droid 2 messenger not updating hotmail video

the recent update to Android 4.1.2 that they have received.

According to one source, his Motorola DROID RAZR went from being a dream to a nightmare after the update.

You’ve now got Yahoo Mail on your Motorola Droid and it will work with the all-new “Combined Inbox” in Android 2.0. Have to give credit to Smilepak who shared this with Android members after posting it on his blog.

In that same AF thread he has quick tuts on Droid screenshots, Lotus Notes Sync and i Tunes sync.

For example, when he is on a call and another call comes through, both conversations are dropped.

Widgets placed on the screen are no longer updating and certain apps are no longer working at all.The Motorola DROID RAZR and Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX received the Android 4.1.2 update earlier this month which brought Project Butter and Google Now to the phones.If you have either model and you are having problems with your phone since the Android 4.1.2 update, let us hear all about it by dropping us a comment in the box below. this is their chance to opt for an alternate warranty replacement to get one of the newer RAZR models, Verizon likely has a good replacement stock for all of them by now and the handsets have lowered in importance which is proven by the recent 0 price drop with the MAXX HD.I am using Chomp SMS, and I've never had two calls come in at the same time. I'll find another one once I can find something that gives me a full-screen snooze button. BTW, when a connection drops, it can only be recaptured by turning Wi Fi off, resting, and then turning Wi Fi back on.I have the Razr Maxx, from verizon, and updated to 4.1.2. Verizon can stand with the customers or against us.......i am going to get an i Phone... Now keys like "shift" and cap lock doesn't work on the keyboard sometimes. Maybe Verizon is trying to up 4G data use and charges.I haven't had those problems, but I noticed my battery drains faster then when ICS was on there. ...battery life is worse (before I could go almost a whole day on single charge, now I have to charge phone twice a day) ...autocorrect doesn't work ..suggestions above typing have changed for worse ...browsing the internet my webpages have seizures ..GPS doesn't work anymore ..several games and apps won't even load anymore. Boeing owed its customers when the 787 was grounded. Verizon can step up to the plate or loose lots of money when we all switch carriers. Then on the touch screen the letters sometimes lock on caps. 2) When I wake the phone, random applications appear - nothing that I've been using recently.