Amnesiac Will really likes that Paul accepts him as he is, without expectations of who he was before, and he spontaneously kisses Paul on two occasions.

At the start of Chandler Massey's era, Will was also characterized as straight. Massey explained: "They sat me down and told me 'we have this great story for Will – he's going to be coming out – and we want to let you know that's the direction we're going in.'" Massey said that, while he was not told whether or not they would proceed, he played Will "with his sexuality in mind".

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Amnesia’s often associated with some pretty drastic personality changes, so it was a chance to completely recreate Will’s personality in some sense…

and yet I also tried to stay faithful to the kind of things that might be hardwired into his body.” In the storyline, amnesiac Will is shocked to learn that he cheated on his husband, and hates thinking he is the type of person who would do that.

Massey told Jacobs of We Love Soaps that Will has a close relationship with Sonny, and Will looks up to and respects Sonny because Sonny has encountered hate but remains confident and comfortable with who he is.

Massey said Will admires these qualities in Sonny as "they are rare to see." In November 2011, Days of Our Lives announced that Will would be coming out as gay.

Wilson said "the whole experience was a soap opera, because everyone knew something that someone else didn't know." Smith said the on-screen switch between Massey and Wilson would happen as quick as the news of the recast, saying, "If you blink and open your eyes, you’ll be like, 'Wait, there's a new Will?! Massey made his return in the episode of September 15, 2017.

Austin Reed, who's believed to be Will's father for the first two years of his life, is actually Will's uncle, being the half-brother of Will's true dad Lucas Horton.A succession of child actors portrayed Will, with Christopher Gerse taking on the role from 2003 to 2008, with the character and actor "growing up on screen".After a year hiatus, Will was reintroduced in 2009 with Dylan Patton as a sixteen-year-old, and then Massey (2010 to 2014, 2017–) took the character into adulthood.Austin is "beloved" by Will, and the two continue to have a "strong bond" after Will's real paternity is publicly revealed.Will's parents, Sami and Lucas, fight each other for custody of Will for several years, and Will's chaotic upbringing has an influence on his character.The Sony Pictures web page for Will stated his "turbulent upbringing" made the young Will "moody and suspicious", In an early interview, Massey said Will is "a great guy ....