Despite the ruling classes wanting to keep unarmed combat techniques secret, through commerce and migration, the martial arts spread from China throughout the east.

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Since then, the martial arts have developed into a variety of systems that were the precursors of today's modern martial arts.

Despite the development of many types of weaponry, unarmed combat remains a skill practiced all over the world.

The origin of Japan's martial arts is vague, and what we know of it, is more legend than truth.

However, the takenouchi-ryu martial art system founded in 1532 is considered the beginning of Japan's jujitsu forms.

As a result budo found a home in physical education and sport.

Sport provided teamwork which was good for all and also developed the individual. Jigoro Kano (The Father of Judo) made a comprehensive study of these ancient self defense forms and integrated the best of these forms into a sport which is known as Kodokan Judo.

He started this project out of respect for his masters, but he soon he craved for a mental knowledge that was lacking in their teachings.

He sought to understand the superior control that his teachers had mastered.

Although the government did not officially ban the martial arts, people were not encouraged to learn or practice them since the state was considered more important than the individual. What was once the glory of the samurai was now looked down on and many well established jujitsu schools began to disappear.