Nerys asks why Rodney is speeding up, saying she thought they were just going to cruise and he says he likes to cruise quickly.At The Hilton Hotel, Del and Raquel talk, he says he is now a millionaire and owns a Ferrari.

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He realises she is not the blind date, but a prostitute.

She mocks him and Del threatens to shove the flowers right up know what.

He finds a sock in the flowers and throws it on the carpet. At Waterloo Station, Del waits nervously for his date.

A policeman wonders why Del has such a huge bunch of flowers.

Del seeks an opportunity and signs up to the dating agency, and is interviewed by the agent. He also insists that both parties are honest with each other. He then says his surname is Duval with no "e" on the end when asked if he has an e on the end of his surname.

Del says he wants a "bit of a sort with everything in the right place and who knows the difference between a Liebfraumilch and a can of Tizer, and who likes a steak meal". A few days later, Del is dressed up ready for his blind date.

A train horn goes off just as Del is about to say that word.

She says "You realise that will be extra" then walks off. He is smoking a cigarette in an attempt to look hard. Rodney gives them the middle finger, trying to look hard in front of Nerys.

Albert keeps dropping hints about how he had great birthday parties as a kid but now no one bothers.