I'm surprised that nobody had mention this but this song has a false start at the beginning of it.

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Maybe he WOULD BE and WOULD HAVE BEEN better understood had everyone taken a break from the intensive, multi-layered lyrical examinations and used some of that energy to take a good but simple look into his eyes. I think I have a different take on this songs meaning. is his way of saying everything on this planet is all connected and all we have.

Think about it as a love song to mother earth and an apology that he's helpless to do anything about what mankind is doing to her. If anyone think there is any merit to what I've written please add any thoughts you have.

He dedicated that particular performance of the song to his wife and his 11-day-old daughter, and he had the audience all shout together "We love you, Courtney!

" so that she would feel better, since the press was writing so much s*** about where has everyone been for the passed 17 years the man was at the peak of his career, nevermind, u kidding me, he just had a beautiful baby girl, he was the #1 rockstar at his time, and mind u he didnt like the fame, thats why he was thinking off ending nirvana, but not before cockmeat love (thats funny btw) reeped the benefits.

He wishes he could be gay (happy) and easily amused because then he could get over the guilt he feels about what he sees happening to the environment around him. coolant (freezer) produces Chlorofluorocarbons which in turn opened up a hole in the ozone resulting in uv rays causing sun burns/cancer. Mother earth is chocking on the ashes of her enemy Man. Actually, he wrote "All Apologies" in 1990, before he and Courtney had even started dating, and Nirvana recorded a demo version in January 1991.

Kurt said that the song was meant to express "Peaceful, happy, comfort." The dedication to his wife and daughter comes from the 1992 Reading Festival performance (available on DVD).

Smells like Teen Spirit is written from peoples view, they prefer to be in the dark, fearful and just want to be entertained.

That's why everyone loved it and why Kurt said he didn't understand why Pennyroyal Tea wasn't a hit, because it was about the same thing.

I had a pretty intense experience in the days directly before and after I came upon this and all of a sudden all the words (which I've always heard everyone say make no sense) made sense.

The last verse of 'On a Plain' lets us in to the message he was giving.

Nirvana was Grungde, Kurt Cobain Was NIRVANA, maybe courtney love has all his money and and probably still makes money off Nirvana, whaaaaat, for sure i still see Bleach and Nevermind in the stores, but the soul and quality of Nirvana, Kurt Cobaim, grundge how ever u look at it that died with him. He was a man with issues he wasnt cut out for, he was # 1 and smells like teen spirit still remains the #1 rock song, and music video ever...he refused to do the video, but they made him do it and its still #1so whoever thinks he still killed himself is either oblivious to fact, or there just another figure in society he feared so much. A friend of my a long time ago look at me and told me aqua seafoam shame.