“At that time and for many many years after, parents were told by the medical establishment, ‘If you love your child and your other children, you will institutionalize your child with a disability,'” said Marianne Roche, an intellectual-disabilities expert who worked in the industry for 50 years. “He would cry his eyes out.” He was there for just one year, she said, “because we couldn’t take it.” Except for that detour, Vincent, the youngest in a family of nine children growing up in Chestnut Hill, led his entire life in the community, at home until he was in his early 20s and then starting around 1980 in homes managed by United Cerebral Palsy (UCP). “My brothers would throw him over their shoulders and take him places,” Mc Namara said.

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A brother, Hugh, had a band that practiced in the basement.

They gave Vince his own drums, so he could bang along, reveling in the black lights. Vincent was happy, engaged in the community, spending lots of time with siblings.

“We went into a soft kind of complacency, because he was there for so long,” Mc Namara said.

Highlights were provided by caregiver Stacy Teel, a 25-year UCP veteran who worked with Vincent for 22 years before being fired in August 2016.

There was also a failure to act in a timely manner to seek emergency medical assistance,” the letter said.