This is not to say that there does not exist a multitude of significant dissimilarities between Canada and Uganda.

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She's represented by Andrea Roche, who was ahead of the curve in terms of signing Irish influencers. It's been proven that while men blog more, women are better at monetising the activity when they do blog.

Suzanne has already begun the move into mainstream media with her own radio segment on Q102, and she has guest presented on TV3's Xpose. I think there are so many who describe themselves like that now that people have got a bit sick of it. Because you guys have to train and study, whereas people like me are just coming in on a pony, swinging a rope, going, 'Lads, time's up - get out. Suzanne has written books; she's brought out a highly successful make-up line, and launched her own clothing line.

And corporations who enlist her are making a savvy decision.

Women drive four-fifths of the consumer economy, and this young woman tells a good many of them how it's done. And yet, while she insists those young women all view her as "the normal girl at home with Sudocrem on her face and eating Dominos" (not a plug, she hastily assures me), relatively little is known about her.

"I'll test them and then say, 'I like this' or, 'I don't like that'. I do business talks or go around the country in roadshows.

So I can do a competition or a make-up tutorial or simply recommend the product. The main revenue stream is events." It's only in the last couple of years that she has been making a full-time living from it all, she says.

They are all young, beautiful, and, in a very studied way, 'relatable'.

And, even more unnervingly, they are all totally self-made.

I will try to explain it as best as I can, but please bear with me, as I’m still trying to figure it all out for myself.