Bob Elfring, co-head of corporate and investment banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said: 'We are used to working with people who are ambitious and want to over-perform' and added that the bank’s intern programme had been developed and refined to use various methods of supervision like mentors and development officers.

Mr Elfring said that, while he did not think a 'clocking system' should be put in place, it might be possible to introduce a way of analysing the cards used by staff to swipe into a building to see if someone was repeatedly working long hours.

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Moxa is a wonderful treatment for pain, digestive issues and other long term health problems.

It may be used instead of acupuncture for those patients who do not like needles.

Cups may remain stationary on one part of the body, but may also be moved back and forth over a larger area. An herbal liniment is selected based upon the type of ailment that the patient is suffering and the guasha tool is rubbed against the body in the area of pain or tension.

Both of these treatments remove pain, tension, toxicity or stagnation by releasing the muscle and allowing the dead blood cells in the affected area to rise to the surface of your body thus enhancing your energetic flow.

In addition she will offer you a hand out of dietary and lifestyle suggestions based upon your health concerns.

If you would like to request a list of suggested reading, Marston will be happy to provide you with that.

Acupuncture is the treatment of the patient according to Traditional Chinese Medical theory. John will take your medical history and learn the details of your signs and symptoms.

She will perform a physical exam based on this intake and then create an optimum treatment plan for your needs.

Their son had epilepsy which was diagnosed in 2010.

He was taking medication but had not told anyone at the bank Mr Erhardt’s father, Dr Hans-Georg Dieterle, described his son as sporty and 'full of life', but said from the start of 2010 he had suffered one to two epileptic fits a year, but was taking medication for the condition and it was not stopping him from living a normal life.

Moritz Erhardt was a week from completing a coveted placement at Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s London offices, and was due to be offered a job at the bank, when his body was found in the shower at his temporary accommodation in August.