As the dry down starts in - after about 45-60 minutes - a dry gardenia shows up.

It's not sweet and mushroomy - it's dry and creamy.

It's just another floral present vaguely, like the meek attendant to a grand lady who avoids eye contact and doesn't speak unless spoken to.

I combined Poudree with Fleur Musc for more romantic and sensual effect. The shimmering kaleidoscopic woody musk takes this perfume to another dimension.

I just LOVE and enjoy Narciso Rodriguez fragrances so much! Not much more to say but I do wish there was a more "intense" version of this as I have fragrance "eating" skin. One humid night, me and the guys were hangout together (boys night out), when a friend (straight guy) asked me... It’s one of those that likely smells substantially different on everyone.

If cedar is present, it must come in at this point and — again — just vaguely.

Narciso is sweet, but not sugary, close to the skin and personal, like you smell good effortlessly.

The base includes woody accords of vetiver and two types of cedar: black and white.

The bottle is simple: square, milky white with the name printed in black letters.The musk is also dry - sort of a non-sweet vanilla when combined with the gardenia.Narciso's whole effect is warm, sexy, and well-blended so that none of the notes really stand out. It could probably be worn in any season, though as it is cold here now, I can only attest to it being perfect for cold.That heart is still beating & alive, but everything else around is white and pale - white gardenia petals, white roses, white musk, white cedar. So it sat in my fragrance trunk practically unused. Now that I've been testing fragrance after fragrance I can truly appreciate these notes. I own this one and the black cube bottle and baby pink “poudree” this one and the black edt can be worn by both genders This one is so creamy, and the gardenia note is so obvious, it’s a clean perfume and capable to change my mood!! 9: B9 was the door that opened me to Gardenia and I haven’t looked back since. Not overly feminine, and just smooth, and creamy,sufficiently musky, and soothing.That fragrance is like a feather in the wind, like a soap bubble sailing in the air /and denying gravitation/. I don't know what my expectations were (or rather, I don't remember), but I didn't expect this. I've grown to really, REALLY love cedar-based perfumes (the coveted and discontinued Dolce&Gabbana By is one). These notes: white rose, gardenia, musk, cedar, white cedar, and vetiver are just a stand-out goodness combination. The edt the black bottle is almost the same but sexier and makes a perfect choice for the Summer, this one is heavier and suits the fall and winter!! I went around there yesterday and sprayed some on because I 'love' it. I bought some for my sister for Christmas two years ago. This should have been labelled as a unisex fragrance, since it's a bit too strong to be a women's fragrance.Perfect for cold weather, has an obvious Narciso Rodriguez-identity and is very elegant!