If This property sets the size of an internal buffer used for fetching query rows from Oracle Database.

Changing it may affect query performance but does not affect how many rows are returned to the application. The property is used during the default direct fetches, during Result Set , the column data is returned as a Buffer instead of the default representation.

db cursor updating in same table oracle-31

The last parameter of each method is a callback, unless Promises are being used.

The first parameter of the callback is an callback's error object will contain error information when the Promise chain fails.

By default no false positive notifications are generated. When a pooled session has a connection class, Oracle ensures that the session is not shared outside of that connection class.

The connection class value is similarly used by Database Resident Connection Pooling (DRCP) to allow or disallow sharing of sessions.

This property helps avoid situations where using Java Script types can lead to numeric precision loss, or where date conversion is unwanted. For raw data returned as a string, Oracle returns the data as a hex-encoded string.

For dates and numbers returned as a string, the maximum length of a string created by this mapping is 200 bytes.

By default in node-oracledb, all columns are returned as native types or as Lob instances, in the case of CLOB and BLOB types.

Individual query columns in , the column data is returned as a string instead of the default representation.

This document shows how to use node-oracledb version 2.