Abu Elenienenelenien Title: Salinization Hazard Under the Conditions of Low Water Quality Irregated Land in Egypt Institution: Agric.Abbaspour Title: Effect of sewage sludge on soil physical properties and nitrate movement Institution: Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, ETH Zürich, Soil Protection, Zurich, Switzerland Keywords: - Responsible Referent: Prof Jose Aguilar, [email protected]: Aguilar J., Dorronsoro C., Fernandez J., Martin F., Dorronsoro B.

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Title: Associative action of growth promoting rhizobacteria and phytoremediation on the biodegradation of certain pesticides in soil Institution: National Research Center, Agricultural Microbiology, Cairo, Keywords: Azospirillum lipoferum, Azotobacter chroococcum, Bacillus megaterium, dehydrogenase activity, grasp, topas, corn plant Responsible Referent: Professor Andrei Babenko, [email protected] Authors: Babenko A.

Title: Development of Oil Industry and Soil Pollution in West Siberia (Full Paper) Institution: Tomsk State University, Agriculture and Ecology, Tomsk, Russia Keywords: West Siberia, oil pollution, bio-indicators, soil invertebrates, re-cultivation Responsible Referent: Prof.

and Laval K Title: Impacts of meadows restoration on telluric microbial diversity Institution: Esitpa, BIOSOL, Rouen Keywords: - Responsible Referent: Christoph Albrecht, [email protected]: Albrecht C., Huwe B., Jahn R.

Title: Tillage effects on the establishment of mycorrhizal infection in Trifolium alexandrinum Institution: IBBA, CNR, Pisa, Italy Keywords: Mycorrhizal symbiosis, soil management, sustainable agriculture Responsible Referent: Dr.

Title: Changes of surface soil characteristics of an Inceptisol under 40 year conifer plantation (Full Paper) Institution: Aristotel University of Thessaloniki, Forest soil Laboratory, Tessaloniki, Greece Keywords: Forest floor, forest soil properties, Conifer plantation Responsible Referent: Dr Majid Afyuni, [email protected]: Majid Afyuni, Rainer Schulin, and Karim C.

Title: An Appraisal of the Spatial Variability of Some Biological Indicators of Soil Quality in an Urban Environment Institution: Di.Title: Characterisation of Bacterial Community in Suppressive Soils Institution: Biologische Bundesanstalt für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Institut für Pflanzenvirologie, Mikrobiologie und biologische Sicherheit, Braunschweig, Germany Keywords: Biocontrol, bacterial antagonists, DGGE, functional genes, degradative enzymes Responsible Referent: Dr Dimitris Afiragis, [email protected] Authors: Alirfagis D., Papaioannou A, Orfanoudakis M.Fariborz Abbasi, [email protected]: Abbasi, F., Javaux, M., Vanclooster, M., Feyen, J.Universidad de Granada, Edafologia, Granada, Spain Keywords: educational computer progamme soil microscopy micromorphology Responsible Referent: Dipl.-Geogr.Agronomical Engineer Ana Aizpurua, [email protected]: Aizpurua, A.; Castellón, A.; Blanco, F.; Lacalle, A.; Garbisu, C.Institution: Laboratoire de Biogéochimie des Milieux Continentaux, Paris, France Keywords: soil organic matter, lignin, tunover, isotopic signature Responsible Referent: Dr Denis Baize, Denis.