I wonder being a very sociable person is this another term for a hermit?

Is the difference that the "loner" dates, or tries to?

It has often been an egotistical maneuver by what some here call a "player," to try to get the woman to almost worship the fact that this guy is going to try to hit on every woman who comes his way, often right in front of her.

If they are a loner, then can they have relationships, without their SO being too much of someone they focus on.

I thought a key part of a healthy relationship, is when each party had lives, and did things they enjoyed outside their SO, as opposed to spending every waking moment with them??? A hermit is someone that does not go out very much to enjoy the fun things in life and, a loner is someone who likes to do things by themsleves.

A hermit is non-societal individual; a loner can swing either way, but often prefers to be alone, or is just fine being alone and may seek out time alone in their work life or their personal life.

I think that is a key part E, but what's truly key is what works for the two individuals in the it possible to be both? i only leave the house for work, movies, or library, grocery store, sometimes the gym but since I have a weight set now, I'm at the house all the time.

A, loner will not likely date as a hermit may but will simply enjoy spending time indoors. I think a person can be a loner by choice or by design.

I don't really agree with this and IMO it is over simplified. So..I told you I will not go to a diner and eat by myself..rather do take-out..that make me a hermit...a loner..or neither. Some people have no trouble meeting new people...friends or dates. A person could move somewhere new..unsuccessful (or skilled) at making friends and consider themselves a "loner"..in fact it is their desire to be with others.

So the idea of a hermit having a profile on a dating site and sending messages to people would seem to be a contradiction."I'm a loner, Dottie.

A rebel." A hermit wants to be away from other people - period. A loner, doesn't mind other people, but doesn't want too much to do with them and goes about with them in their lives daily. And yes - a healthy relationship does generally need both partners to be able to enjoy some time spent without the other being glued to their hip. A hermit is someone that does not go out very much to enjoy the fun things in life and, a loner is someone who likes to do things by themselves.

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