Chief Patterson invited the team from Sheltering Wings to host a town hall on teen dating violence. They knew domestic violence was going on and no one ever said anything," Patterson said.

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A study from a Ball State University community health education professor looked at principals nationwide and found 76% of the school principals didn't have a protocol in their schools to respond to an incident of teen dating violence.

Having a crystal ball or better yet a screening tool that would predict who is going to commit teen dating violence before it happens would be a good thing, right?

The authors surveyed a diverse population of over a thousand high school students and culled from that survey a series of risk factors that enabled them to generate a screening algorithm to potentially identify future perpetrators as well as non-offenders.

The authors, for example, found that exposure to domestic violence, maltreatment during childhood, and having deficits in conflict resolution were strong predictors of physical violence perpetration, whereas having been a victim of sexual violence, emotional violence, or having an attitude accepting of dating violence were associated with sexual violence perpetration.

Our counselors are sensitive to the special needs of victims of intimate partner violence and offer flexible schedule times and a supportive environment to help them work through the issues associated with abuse ....

Read more Domestic violence affects each and every person living in an abusive home, and is especially detrimental to children.While children may not be the target of violence, living in an abusive household affects them deeply.We assist children in our programs through counseling, a nurturing environment and age-appropriate education about domestic violence ....Those are some of the signs they want teens to know isn't a sign of love."For them to make sure that they feel respected, that they don't feel like they have to change who they are to fit into this relationship," Echerd said.Whether for a few days or a few weeks, DVCC residences offer a safe haven…