The strangest things happen, after a while, weird questions starting to popup, and then you realize you’re already there.

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Well it could happen right away or not for months..there has to be chemistry either way.I believe in the whole love at first sight thing,but the feeling has to be mutual.

With that being said, I am careful who I pick to even get to know me and I ask myself, is this person someone in which I would like to date?

I only expect friendship and friendship only at first.

I think you both just know and whether or not you say it or your partner does it should be said so that there are no mixed messages.depends on the relationship for how long it would take.

I would say when both of you are seeing each other on a regular basis and it starts to feel right. The " are we exclusive " talk should take place to avoid any BAD that is my opinion.__Ummmm...

The other person might be thinking this is kinda fun, but not really thinking about getting serious and settling down.

When its time to have the talk, be very honest about your feelings.

If your consumed with thoughts of her that your smiling most of the day, you really need to talk with her.