In 18th-century England, it evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as "valentines").

Martyrdom stories associated with various Valentines connected to February 14 are presented in martyrologies, including a written account of Saint Valentine of Rome imprisonment for performing weddings for soldiers, who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians persecuted under the Roman Empire.

The day first became associated with romantic love within the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century, when the tradition of courtly love flourished.

If that seems daunting, let me assure you that with these done-for-you ideas it can be easy (but your spouse doesn’t need to know that! Open an envelope-a-day leading up to Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is definitely about celebrating your love in your marriage, but you can spread that love to the kiddos too! Whatever you decide to do for February 14th we hope you will come back to The Dating Divas throughout the year to find even more exciting ways to show your love for your spouse through the entire year!

Each envelope includes either a sweet love note, a date night activity or an act of kindness. Here are a few of our most popular Valentine’s Day ideas that you can do with your families.

On White Day it's the turn of the men to pamper women who expressed their love and affection for them on 14th February.

People in China celebrate Valentine's Day on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month in the Chinese Calendar.

When is Valentine's Day 2019 : Valentine’s Day is on 14th of February, Thursday, 2019.

Also called San Valentine 2019, the day of love is celebrated far and wide across the globe, with gifts giving, greetings and expressions of love.

Since my partner is my go-to source for this kind of intel, obviously I started by trying to get the answers out of him first. “While women THINK that’s a gift for us, it’s fun and all, but I can’t exactly play with it by myself after you wear it,” he said. “I’d love an Xbox.” In that spirit, the gift ideas under started actually coming.