Or maybe a guy reaches out, seems nice, you politely decline his advances, and then he turns around and calls you a bitch. Because there are a lot of people (men AND women) out there with very fragile little egos who can’t handle the fact that not everyone is dying to make out with them.

This also happens because they feel hurt (which is normal when being rejected) and have to lash out to feel better (which is immature). That you’re not acting the way they thought you would act and they don’t know what to do.

They give kids a non-threatening way to say who they would rather not have in their class, and open the door for you to have a discussion to ask why, potentially uncovering issues you didn’t know about before.

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What do you think you should do/learn more of at school? What do you think you should do/learn less of at school? Who in your class do you think you could be nicer to?

Sometimes we just need to figure out the right kinds of questions to ask our children…questions may work better for some kids than others. But I want to know what is going on in their lives and how I can help them.

And if someone wants to call you a bitch for that, just thank them.

Because honestly, in that context, it’s a compliment. That you’re speaking your mind and they don’t know how to deal with it.

Women are called a bitch when they say what they really think or they express an opinion that is different than what the person calling them a bitch thinks. It took me a very long time to get to the point where I could do that, though, because for years, I watched stronger girls than me get torn down for defending themselves or someone else. This is unfortunately pretty standard in online dating.

When men speak their mind, it’s considered normal – in fact, when men don’t speak their mind, they are often asked, “Why are you acting like such a little bitch, bro? If you have the gall to talk back to someone being rude or to tell someone to be quiet when they’re acting mean, and you’re a woman, that person will likely sneer some kind of “bitch” insult at you. Because they probably know you’re right and they don’t know what else to do with themselves. A guy reaches out to you with a disgusting “compliment,” you tell him off, and he types a bunch of angry words about what a bitch you are.The word “bitch” is used to mean many, many things, and so many of them are things you do not have to be sorry for.Feminist activist Gloria Steinem reminded us of this when she was asked how to respond when a man calls you a bitch. If you call them on it, it changes people’s heads.” Yasss queen! So, the next time someone calls you a bitch, don’t be upset (unless you’re really doing something rude, then you should maybe apologize) – thank them for their “insult.” Why?These are people who can’t handle the thought of a woman being a person, someone who doesn’t fit in their nicely wrapped box of what a woman “should” be like.They’re confused, and honestly, you should probably feel sorry for them. That they’re jealous of the powerful self-esteem you possess. It is the underlying most important piece of advice in every single advice article ever written.We all have our bitchy moments where we’re saying something nasty about a friend or gossiping about something we shouldn’t be talking about or judging someone we have no right to judge – and in those times, maybe we deserve the, “Hey, stop being such a bitch” comments that we might get.