However, Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) reveals that Darren frequently looks at pornography.

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She then phones her grandmother and agrees to meet with her father.

Chelsea returns for Libby's birthday and sees Liz in the Square.

Libby is forced to reveal that she visited Owen and that he will be released in a matter of months.

Denise visits him but then tells Libby he will not be returning to their lives.

When she finally plucks up the courage to see him, she hears him talking about someone called Clara.

Thinking he has found someone new, she pretends she is going out with Tamwar Masood (Himesh Patel).

She concentrates on her school work and achieves eleven good GCSE grades.

Darren returns some weeks later but Libby avoids him.

It turns out Clara is a dog and the pair get back together.

Libby and Darren have an anniversary dinner to celebrate a year of dating.

When she meets the stranger, she discovers that she was chatting to Darren all along. She is initially unimpressed, but after Yolande arranges a meal between them, they decide to start a relationship.