But what baffled me the most was that the plots were rather formulaic: girl meets boy, boy isn't good enough, boy transforms, girl changes her mind and they get married.

A little older and wiser, and trained as a researcher in psychology, I now ‘get it.' These books are candy for women's brains.

There are very few women quite as popular as the slavic girls and women.

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He starts off gruff, rude, arrogant, and cold, but with fantastic looks.

In the middle of the book, he tries to prove that he's good enough for her, and that he's changed to meet her criteria.

Being endowed with natural beauty, slender bodies, beautiful and open faces, Slavic women also possess a hidden, inner attractiveness and magnetism.

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She isn't at risk of becoming pregnant, but she can imagine the seduction by the hero.

She gets the thrill, the rush, of falling in love, all for a few dollars.

He resists it, but she's just too much and he readily decides that she's ‘the one.' The plot, then, usually revolves around her trying to decide if he's Mr. The hero, in contrast, is described in immense detail.