The name Vantucky has become a popular way to reference Vancouver, mainly used in a joking way by the people in outside areas like Portland who are looking to poke fun at some of the more rural population.Locals have come to use the term though, too, especially when running into someone else from the city who is particularly redneck.Like most Pacific Northwest cities, Vancouver is on top of the recycling game.

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The Vancouver Farmers Market is the number one attraction in all of Southwest Washington.

Over 250 vendors get together in Esther Short Park to sell fresh local produce, nuts, fresh breads and baked goods, flowers and plants, pet treats, handmade jewelry, candles, and much more.

Some locals hate it and others have embraced it as part of their unique character.

Adding onto the list of things to call Vancouver, “Vansterdam” has been quickly picking up steam.

In 2013, locals began referring to their city as Vansterdam after Washington legalized the use of marijuana.

But just because pot is legal now doesn’t mean you have carte blanche to toke up anywhere.It’s a casual environment where jeans and rain boots are preferred over a suit any day. So, brush up on your barista lingo before coming here because you’re going to end up with 10 different ways to order your coffee and you don’t want to be the person holding up the line because they don’t know how to order. River Maiden Artisan Coffee with great java, Star Wars themed cookies, and lots of Vancouver pride gear.The weather forecast usually calls for rain with a chance of showers or showers with a chance of rain.Vancouver, WA shares its name with close-by and much more widely known Canadian Vancouver. Mainly prevalent among the younger population including the surrounding areas like Portland, Vancouver is simply known as The ‘Couve.Locals differentiate the cities by referring to their city as Vancouver U. As a Vancouver resident you’ll find that you probably pay much less to Uncle Sam, which puts a little more in your wallet.“Sun breaks” are what everyone calls when the sun decides to come out.