They met across the fence a few months ago and struck up a slow friendship.He watched her cats while she traveled for business; she watered his plants when he was on vacation. Movies at each other's house, including a recent French film. He sat on the chair, and they exchanged knowing glances between the subtitles."If I didn't answer the telephone when he knew I was home, he'd knock on my door, which would make me livid. We ended up dating for three years, but it would have much shorter if I had not moved." For those of you who are thinking about dating a neighbor, Chapman advised watching the person in common areas and asking questions of others in the complex about the person.

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C., she considered dating a neighbor, but was talked out of it by a friend.

She reminded me about the possibility of things getting sticky if the person turned out to be a jealous type of individual or unstable," said Hunt.

My friend…let's call her Jane…has a dating dilemma that is so cute and funny and…unusual. Catch up, here.)Let's get right down to it: Jane is a single mom, beautiful, mid-thirties, and lives in San Francisco, where the nights are warm and sultry right now.

We've been texting and talking about it a lot lately, and, I kid you not, it's like a scene straight out of the movie (I should add, the bit about the sneezing and "God bless you" has stuck with me my entire life). As such, she finds herself, often, on her little front porch overlooking the bay after her kids are in bed.

So, I decided, with her permission (and a few identifying details changed), to share my pal's situation with you all. She'll pour a glass of wine, put a record on, and watch the sun fade over the horizon.

, she also watches for the light in her neighbor's window—ahem, her handsome Scottish neighbor's window.

A person will feel that they have greater access to you; and if that person is jealous, they will watch all of your moves." Chapman also pointed out the fact that most apartment walls are thin and a jealous person will probably spend a lot of time with a glass to the wall, trying to listen to all your conversations.

A Maryland apartment dweller who did not want her name used said she once dated a man who lived next door.

These types of relationships do happen, but are they a good thing?